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New River

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American Local History

Thomson's Mercantile and Professional Directory 1851-1852

Albemarle County, Virginia

General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c.

Bibb, H. R. & W. A. - Charlottesville
Brown, A. J. - Charlottesville
Briggs, G. N. - Charlottesville
Bibb, John H. - Charlottesville
Cochran, John - Charlottesville
Dodd, Francis - Charlottesville
Flannagan, B. C. - Charlottesville
Fife, Wm. J. - Charlottesville
Homsey, C. - Charlottesville
Jones, John R. - Charlottesville
Jones & Lobban - Charlottesville
Kennerly & Smith - Brooksville
Leitch, Samuel, Jr. - Charlottesville
Merchant, John A. - Charlottesville
Munday, Julius. - Charlottesville
Timberlake, John H. - Charlottesville
Watts, E. - Charlottesville
Wertenbaker, T. J. - Charlottesville
Woods, P. A. - Charlottesville
Wood, John, Jr., - Harden's Store


Cochran, J. S. - Charlottesville
McCarty, W. T. - Charlottesville
Pryor, R. A. - Charlottesville
Robertson, W. J. - Charlottesville
Randolph, G. W. - Charlottesville
Rives, Allen - Charlottesville
Southall, V. W. - Charlottesville
Saunders, J. W. - Charlottesville
Speice, J. B. - Brookesville
Trueheart, G. W. - Charlottesville
Tucker, V. G. - Charlottesville
Wood, T. & D. - Charlottesville
Watson, E. R. - Charlottesville


Carter, Charles - Charlottesville
Gooch, Wm. F. - Charlottesville
Hughes, John C. - Charlottesville
Leitch, James A. - Charlottesville
McKennie, M., - Charlottesville
Minor, Charles - Charlottesville
Rogers, _____ - Cook's Tavern

Hotel Keepers

Bailey, R. G. - County
Brown, Geo. B. - County
Cocke, John S. - County
Farrar, Geo. B. - County
Omehundro, George C. - Charlottesville
Turpin, George W., - Charlottesville
Teazley, George - County Wingfield, D. M. - County

J. A. Garrett, County Clerk

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