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List of Tories and Quakers in the Upper New River Area, ca. 1780

This list is contained in the Lyman Draper Papers, and is undated. It is presumably a list of men in what became Grayson County in 1792 accused of being Tories or refusing to take the oath of alliegance to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Quakers were included on this list because they refused to take oaths of any kind, and were thus suspect in the eyes of Montgomery County Officials.

Flower Swift
David Fulton
Samuel Mehering
John Loe
Edmond Clonch
William Williams
John Cook
Caleb Winfry
Jonathan Skipworth
John Mickrel
Jeremiah Clonch
Samuel Cox
John Clonch
Jonathan Essery
Thomas Essery
John Loe
Hennery Norton
John Dotson
William Jones
Joseph, Mc......
John McCoy
Daniel McCoy
Isaac Winfrey
John Fleming, Junior
Isaac Little
Nathan Ward
William Stuart
Samuel Chaney
John Lawson
William Norton
David McCoy
Daniel Loe
Samuel Loggins
Timothy Spenser


Stephen Bond
Jacob Ellet
Thomas Davis
William Reddock
Dr. Thomas Carr
James Pendry
Thomas Ramson
Francis Reece
Charles Davis
Harel Ellet
William Ellet
Benjamin Cox
John Reddock
Thomas Davis
JOhn Bedsolt
John Kinworthy
Thomas Kinworthy
Christopher Hussey
Caleb Reece
Sollomon Reddock
William Reddock
John Cox
Samuel Cox
Jacob Ammons
Jesse Cox
Amos Williams
Jacob Griggs
Wm. Cox
Elisha Bedsalt
Richd. Cox
Thos. Stanfield
Wm. Rankins
Jonathan Essery
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