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1913 - Sidney Johnston Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy

Organized September 27, 1897
Batesville, Arkansas
Cover Page

Order of Business
Roll Call
Repeat the Lord's Prayer
Reading of Minutes of the Last Meeting
Reports of the Standing Committees
Resolutions and Notices
Petitions and Memorials
Report of Special Committees
Unfinished Business
New Business
Literary Program

Miss Esther Neill - President
Mrs. W. W. Byers - First Vice President
Mrs. W. A. Mitchell - Second Vice President
Mrs. George H. Trevathan - Recording Secretary
Mrs. G. A. Babcock - Corresponding Secretary
Miss Genevieve Rutherford - Treasurer
Mrs. John W. Ferrill - Historian
Mrs. Addie Crow - Registrar

Year Book
Mrs. John P. Morrow, Mrs. George H. Trevathan, Mrs. W. A. Mitchell, Mrs. F. E. Jeffrey
Mrs. J. C. Fitzhugh, Miss Edith Maxfield, Miss Kate McClure, Mrs. J. W. Ferrill, Miss Emma Wycough
Mrs. Albert Casey, Mrs. F. L. Reeder, Mrs. C. D. Metcalf
Mrs. E. H. Glenn, Mrs. C. W. Maxfield, Mrs. Mary A. Neill
Christmas Seals
Misses Genevieve Rutherford, Amy Ferrill, Nora Weaver, Alberta Weaver, Mable Padgett, Agnes Wycough, Agnes Maxfield.

Alexander, Mrs. Susan
Alley, Mrs. George
Babcock, Mrs. G. A.
Blandford, Mrs. E. C.
Bevens, Mrs. Ida
Baker, Mrs. Walter
Byers, Mrs. W. W.
Boggs, Mrs. J. L.
Burns, Mrs. J. O.
Burley, Mrs. Placidia
Cook, Mrs. V. Y.
Crouch, Mrs. A. L.
Crow, Mrs. Addie
Cannon, Mrs. Mamie
Campbell, Mrs. H. G.
Coffin, Mrs. C. H.
Casey, Mrs. Albert
Dowdy, Mrs. R. A.
Edwards, Mrs. H. S.
Emmart, Mrs. Esther
Ferrill, Mrs. J. W.
Ferrill, Miss Amy
Fitzhugh, Mrs. J. B.
Fitzhugh, Mrs. J. C.
Fitzhugh, Miss Lucy
Frierson, Mrs. D. M.
Glenn, Mrs. J. W.
Glenn, Mrs. E. H.
Givens, Mrs. E. L.
Graham, Mrs. Gertude
Hail, Mrs. S. A.
Hinkle, Mrs. Willie
Hooper, Mrs. Kate
Herring, Mrs. H. D.
Hardy, Mrs. J. A.
Hamilton, Mrs. B.C., Jr.
Holmes, Miss Ruth
Jeffery, Mrs. F. E.
Lawrence Mrs. W. B.
Long, Mrs. E. R.
Lyons, Miss Annie
Maxfield, Mrs. Mary
Maxfield, Mrs. C. W.
Maxfield, Miss Edith
Maxfield, Miss Agnes
Metcalf, Mrs. C. D.
Massey, Mrs. Birdie
McClure, Miss Kate
McGuire, Miss Sophie
Morrow, Mrs. E. P.
McAdams, Mrs. Otto
Moore, Mrs. Malcolm
Mitchell, Mrs. W. A.
Neill, Mrs. Mary A.
Neill, Miss Esther
Neill, Miss Eleanor
Padgett, Mrs. T. B.
Padgett, Miss Mabel
Pearce, Miss Cornelia
Perrin, Miss Jassamine
Peden, Miss Virginia
Rutherford, Mrs. M. M.
Rutherford, Mrs. Neill
Rutherford, Miss Genevieve
Reeder, Mrs. L. F.
Reed, Mrs. I. N.
Sowell, Mrs. A. F., Sr.
Smylie, Mrs. N.
Trevathan, Mrs. G. H.
Terry, Mrs. George
Tremaine, Mrs. Addie
Waddell, Mrs. R. H.
Walker, Mrs. C. M.
Warner, Mrs. J. T.
Weaver, Miss Nora
Weaver, Miss Alberta
Weaver, Mrs. Ramsey
Wood, Mrs. Joe.
Wycough, Miss Emma
Wycouch, Miss Agnes
Young, Mrs. McBeth