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Membership Records of the Senter Primitive Baptist Church - Nathan's Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina 1829-1924

Membership Roll

North Carolina, Ashe County

The Baptist Church of Christ at Senter Meeting House was constituted in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine and fourteen members given up from the different churches to wit:

From Piney Creek:

James Gentry
Jane McMillan
Elizabeth Smith
John Griffith
Elizabeth Griffith
John Poe
Nancy Poe
From Silas Creek Church

Sousannah Turner

From Fox Creek Church

Sarah Gentry

From Beaver Creek Church

Charles Waddle
Elizabeth Waddle

From Cranberry Church

Zachariah Baker
Sarah Baker

The Presbytery called for and these brethern examined and found orthodox in the principle of the gospel and set apart as a church of Christ to hold their own kees (sic).

By the Presbytery

Elder Drury Senter
Elder Henry Vanover

Abstract of Baptist Principles

1. We believe in one true and living God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost and that these three are one.

2. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the words of God and the only rule of faith and practice.

3. We believe in the doctrine of election by Grace.

4. We believe in the doctrine of Original Sin, and in man's inpotency to recover himself from the fallen state he is in by nature by his own free will or ability.

5. We believe that sinners are called, converted, regenerated, and sanctified by the Holy spirit and that all who are thus regenerated or born again by the Spirit of God shall never fall finally away.

6. We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.

7. We believe that Baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that true believers are the subjects of these ordinances and we believe that the true mode of Baptism is by immersion.

8. We believe in the resurrection and a general judgment and that the joys of the righteous and the torments of the wicked will be eternal.

9. We believe that no minister has a right to administer the ordinances except such as are regularly called and come under the hands of the presbytery.

Membership Roll

NameHow ReceivedHow Released
Senter, A. N. Deceased (Dec.)
McMillan, A.Dec.
Gentry, JamesDec.
Poe, JaneDec.
Brown, WilliamDec.
Dickson, AndrewDec.
Dickson, PollyDec.
Brown, SusanDec.
Poe, TimothyDec.
Konse (Koontz), JohnDec.
Konse, JacobDec.
Dickson, JamesDec.
Senter, PeggyDec.
Richardson, JamesDec.
Richardson, MaryDec.
Reeves, MaryDec.
Rutherford, NancyDec.
Koonse, MalindaDec.
Brown, SallyDec.
Carson, Polly C.Dec.
Fowler, G. W.Dec.
Young, EvelineDec.
Turner, MarthaDec.
Brown, NancyDec.
Senter, MatildaDec.
Gambill, PatseyDec.
Colvard, SarahDec.
McMillan, PollyDec.
Poe, JohnDec.
Poe, MauneyDec.
Turner, RosaDec.
Dickson, MatildaDec.
Turner, SarahDec.
Koonse, LavisaExcluded
McMillan, A. B.Dec.
McMillan, A. N.Dec.
Blevins, RebeccaDec.
McMillan, F. J.Dec.
Baker, ElizabethDec.
McMillan, J. B.Dec.
Rutherford, CarolinaDec.
Rutherford, MalvinaDec.
Gambill, RobertDec.
Speaks, RachelDec.
Barker, AmbroseDec.
Fowler, RuthaDec.
Senter, Ellen Dis. by Letter
Taylor, Sarah Dis. by Letter
Blevins, WilliamDec.
Bullin, JaneExcluded
Hardin, MalindaDec.
Blevins, PollyDec.
Church, JaneDec.
Bledsoe, SalinaDec.
Farrington, NancyDec.
Cox, Isabel Excluded
Massy, W. F.Dis. by Letter
Massy, Dicy Dis. by Letter
Witherspoon, EllenDec.
Ballen, NancyDec. Feb. 1917.
Koonse, MarthaDec.
Poe, WilliamDec.
Senter, NancyDec.
Senter, CosbyDec. April 13, 1923.
York, MarthaDec.
York, DennisDec.
McMillan, IredellDec.
McMillan, EverettDec.
Pennington, LydiaDec.
Harless, MaryDec.
Woody, MilleyDec.
Black, Hannah Excluded
Cox, JoshuaDec.
Bledsoe, JesseDec.
Vannoy, MatildaDec.
Brown, RaneyDec.
Idol, RachelDec.
Koonse, AhaDec.
Colvard, LutishaDec.
Dickson, JudahDec.
Blevins, Rebecca J.Dec.
Dickson, Synthia Excluded
Koonse, CatherineExcluded
Dickson, Mary AnnDec.
Senter, CledineDec.
Colvard, CorneliaDec.
Goins, ElizabethDec. May 13, 1933
Johnson, JamesDec.
Johnston, JamesDec.
Johnston, CharityDec.
Brown, CarolineExcluded, restored, Dec
Barker, MaryDec.
Landers, WilliamDec.
Reynolds, Geo.Excluded
Koonse, Geo.Dec.
Reynolds, EmilyDec.
Landers, EvelineDec.
Farrington, M.Dec.
Dickson, IrenaDec.
Varny, PollyDec.
Walters, ClarisaDec.
Fowler, S. L.Dec.
Fowler, SynthiaDec.
Goodman, MarthaDec. Jan. 1932.
Teyle, W. M.Dec. 1934.
Senter, EliDec.
Turner, ElizabethDec.
Bare, MaryExcluded
Sheets, Ellen Excluded
Teyle, MatildaDec.
Reynolds, Mary E.Excluded.
Dickson, NarcessaDec.
Dickson, J. M.Dec.
Reeves, MalissaDec. Sept. 8th. 1916.
Dickson, J. M.Dis. by letter.
Colvard, F. L.Dec.
Colvard, JaneDec. Oct. 9, 1925.
Pennington, L. R.Dec.
Massimon, EvelineDec.
Reeves, AdlineDec.
Turner, SynthiaDec.
Reeves, CharlesDec.
Bledsoe, NancyDec.
______, Sally AnnExcluded
Caudill, MargaretDis. by letter
Reynolds, ThomasDec.
Jones, LewisDec.
Richardson, Syntha Excluded
Jones, LewisDec.
Turner, CarolineDec.
Davis, SarahDec.
Turner, PollyDec.
Massy, PollyDec.
Halsey, Polly Dis. by letter
Gambill, PollyDec.
Allen, JohnDec.
Cockerham, CarolineDec.
Cox, NancyDec.
Brown, MajorDec.
Farrington, JaneDec.
Black, JacobDec.
Warner, S. J.Dec.
Reeves, LydiaDec.
Kelly, Elizabeth Excluded
Blevins, NewtonExcluded
Carson, Rebecca J. Dis. by letter
Carson, AlliceDec.
Carson, SmithDec.
Johnston, DavidDis. by letter
Cox, EmilyDec.
Johnston, CatherineDec.
Reeves, AlexDec.
Dickson, AlexDec.
Lyle, W. D. Dis. by letter
Waddle, JohnDec.
Reeves, J. G.Dec. Jan. 8, 1935.
Koonse, JohnDec. Aug. 15, 1931
Stuart, KasperDis. by letter
Cockerham, R.Dec.
Dickson, SynthaDec.
Cockerham, ZylphaExcluded
Lyle, IrenaDec.
Poe, Isabel Excluded
Lyle, PollyDec.
Bledsoe, JaneDec.
Sindez, IsabellExcluded
Jones, HarrisonDis. by letter
Bare, IsaacDec. Sept. 9, 1935.
Poe, TimothyDec. Jan. 1928
Poe, CarolineDec. Jun. 1927
Lyle, BerthaDec.
Fender, JamesDec.
Jones, Allice Dis. by letter.
Hart, CarolineDec.
McMillan, Armfield Excluded - restored, dec.
McMillan, Flora
McMillan, LaniaDec.
Brown, Elvira Excluded - restored
Blevins, Rebecca Excluded
Bare, PollyDec.
Craft, W. R.Dis. by letter
Craft, EmilyDis. by letter
Craft, Joseph Dis. by letter
Fowler, Mary
Cox, SusanExcluded
McMillan, ManlyDec.
Reeves, JohnDec.
Reeves, Elizabeth
Fowler, LillianDec.
Dickson, LeoliaDec.
Goodman, JohnDec. Jan. 20, 1927.
Blevins, B. H.Dis. by letter to Troutdale
Dickson, Narcessa J.Dec.
Colvard, LudemaDec.
Toliver, R. A.Dec.
Brown, ElihuDec.
Brown, PollyExcluded
McEwen, BettieExcluded
Francis, Mirta
Dickson, LansaDec. Nov. 28, 1948.
Dickson, PrestonDec. May 14, 1941.
Vannoy, A. J.Dec.
Blevins, Coy W.Dec.
Reeves, BettieDec. Aug. 28, 1925.
Blevins, EffieExcluded
Blevins, MatildaDec.
Dickson, CharityDec.
Brown, DoraDec.
Koonse, Maxie Dis. by letter Apr. 2, 1926
McMillan, JennieDec.
Dickson, JudahDec. July 10, 1945
Carson, AllieDec.
Reeves, EllenDec. Feb. 3, 1919
Reeves, RosaDec. May 27, 1935
Pennington, WilleyDec.
Pennington, SynthaDec.
Chandler, Mr.Dec. Feb. 3, 1919.
Gentry, MaryDec.
Norman, JohnDis.
Williams, Elzina Dis. by letter
Wyatt, R. B.
Tiller, ElizabethExcluded
Lyle, MaggieDec.
Craven, MaryDec.
Wyatt, Elder J. W. Dis. by letter
Wyatt, B. J.Dis. by letter Aug. 1910.
Blevins, LemmaDis. by letter
Poe, Cornelia Dis. by letter
Warrick, Melissa Dis. by letter
Bare, Leola
Bare, FelixDec.
Blevins, Ben. H.Dec.
Blevins, MaryDec. March 1978.
Brown, J. F.Dis. by letter
Brown, JuliaDis. by letter
Colvard, AddieDec. 1975.
Fender, JohnBy letterDec. Apr. 7, 1925.
Bare, MaryBaptism
Bare, EugeneExcluded, Restored,Dec. Apr. 1941
Bare, NancyDec.
Bare, ShadeAug. 1910Dec.
Bare, SarahDec. Jan. 1915.
Barker, ClevelandNov. 24, 1910
Barker, Mrs. ClevelandJune 1911
Fowler, HezekiahDec. 13th Oct. 1913.
Dickson, W. G.Excluded - Restored -Dec. April 1949
Carson, RobertDec.
McMillan, FannieDec. March 1932.
Kilby, Elder C. B.May 1912Dis. by letter Apr. 1926.
Little, SynthiaDec. 1941
Vannoy, JamesDec.
Grimsley, J. M.Oct. 30, 1913
McMillan, SusanJune 11, 1915
Johnson, MonroeJune 11, 1915
Blackburn, SamanathaJune 11, 1915
Blevins, J. M.
Cockerham, Ransom
Blevins, WinstonMarch 25, 1917
Blevins, RebeccaDec.
Brown, PollieDec.
Blevins, TildaDec.
Miller, WillieJune 11, 1917Dec. March 1978.
Johnson, M. A.June 11, 1917
Dickson, R. C.Sept. 2, 1917Dec. Jan. 5, 1959
Vannoy, DoraSept. 2, 1917
Sanders, SallieMarch 2, 1918
Dixon, Arthur
6- names illeglible
Wyrick, Lester Excluded - restored -Dec. May 7, 1974.
Hull, Dema
Rouse, MattieDec.
Wyrick, RoxierDec.
Bare, MargieDec.
Cox, IbbyDec.
Bare, PrestonDec.
Dixon, JamesDec.
Vannoy, Alva JaneDec.
Dixon, DunnilDec. 1944
Miller, MarthaDec. May 20, 1924
Brown, CarolineJuly 2, 1925