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Nash Emblem

Nash Car Parts Suppliers

Welcome to my list of Nash Parts Suppliers that can be found on the internet. This list was developed in my attempts to restore to reliable drivable condition a 1951 Nash Statesman. Living in Virginia, I soon found that this marque was never terribly popular here, although my grandfather had one, thus my interest nostalgia. Additionally, I am a historian by training, and as being a historical kind of guy, I felt I needed a historical kind of car. :-)

There is not as much interest in this marque as there is with the Big Three or some foreign makes, but parts are available. I have been surprised how much is available at my local parts stores, especially NAPA. If you are in need of something, check with your local suppliers first. It is just frankly, easier, to develop a raport with them. As with purchases anywhere, use your judgment, a price that is too good to be true, probably is. And as always caveat emptor.

This page is broken down by automotive systems. If a system is not listed, I did not find any suppliers with an internet page. This does not mean they are not out there, just that I did not find them. If you have a page you would like listed, or find a dead link, let me know.

    Body Parts


  1. Apple Hydraulics Master and Wheel Cylinders resleeved/rebuilt
  2. Waller's Old Car Parts
  3. Master Cylinders from Kanters
  4. White Post Restorations (Resleeving services for brake cylinders, relining brake shoes and pads, etc.)


  5. Fort Wayne Clutch

    Custom Made (Cast) Parts

  6. MFT-USA

    Drive Shafts

  7. Fort Wayne Clutch

    Engine Overhaul Parts

  8. Kanter's
  9. Rebuilt Engines

    General Parts

  10. Arizona Vintage Parts
  11. Carson's Antique Auto Parts
  12. Car Stuff.Com
  13. Vintage Auto Parts Click on their Nash and AMC section.
  14. Planet Houston AMC Vendors List
  15. American Performance Products
  16. Webb's Classic Auto Parts Mostly 1958 and later stuff.
  17. American Parts Depot Take a look at the NOS list for some good older stuff.
    Havekost Nash/Rambler AMC Parts
  18. Nash Parts Suppliers from The Classic Auto Mall
  19. Ray's Antiques and Parts
  20. Hot Rods Online Nash Parts Suppliers List
  21. Wizzy's


  22. Auto Restorer Online
  23. Metropolitan Parts Catalogue
  24. Metropolitan Shop Manuals

    Interiors (Carpets, headliners, etc.)

  25. Kanter's

    Junk Yards

  26. The Official As it Gets AMC JunkYard List
  27. Salvage Parts.Com


  28. AutoLit.Com

    Metropolitan Specialists

  29. H. D. Rogers and Sons
  30. Metropolitan Parts Suppliers List
  31. Metropolitan Pit Stop
  32. Kip Motor Company

    Restoration Supplies

  33. The Eastwood Company
  34. J.C. Whitney

    Rubber Parts (Weather Strips, hoses, etc.)

  35. Steele Rubber Parts
  36. Metro Rubber Parts
  37. Restoration Specialities

    Rust Prevention

  38. POR Store


  39. Old N' Time Parts

    Shock Absorbers

  40. Apple Hydraulics
  41. Kanter's

    Steering Components

  42. Lares Remanufactured Steering Components

    Suspension Systems

  43. Kanter's
  44. Rare Parts


  45. Coker Tires
  46. Vintage Tire


  47. Automatic Transmission Rebuilt Kits

    Wiring Harnesses

  48. Rhode Island Wiring